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Peak picking (continuous)

Use the peakPicking serie parameter (for serie line) to enable a basic peak picking algorithm. For a continuous serie, the library will search for the next local minima after a selected peak before allowing any other peak to be registered.

The option autoPeakPickingNb (default: 4) is the maximum number of peaks to be selected. The library will select the highest from the whole set.

Use autoPeakPickingMinDistance (default: 10) to set the minimal distance (in px) between two neighbouring peaks.

Source code

var graphinstance = new Graph( domGraph, {

  dblclick: {
    type: 'plugin',
    plugin: 'zoom',
    options: {
      mode: 'total'

  plugins: {
    'zoom': {
      zoomMode: 'x'

  pluginAction: {
    'zoom': {
      shift: false

} );
graphinstance.newSerie( "msdata", {
  autoPeakPicking: 'continuous'
}, 'line' )
  .setData( serieData )